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Viverae is a national provider of comprehensive health management solutions that help corporations reduce health care costs through improved employee health.  They help employers and their employees control health care costs by identifying, addressing and reducing health risks before they turn into significant medical expenses.  The end result is a healthier workforce and stronger balance sheet.

Online Program Features


Consider the MyViverae website to be your personal hub for well program tracking tools and resources.  You will use the site to do the following:

  • Take your Member Health Assessment (MHA)
    • The Member Health Assessment (MHA) is a 20-question survey that asks questions about specific lifestyle habits and takes less than 10 minutes to complete.  The MHA can be completed online and over the phone.
  • Schedule your on-site Biometric Screening, if available, or download forms to take to your physician to complete a screen on your own:
    • Biometric Screenings (via blood draw) provide vital information about overall health, including cholesterol (total, LDL and HDL), triglycerides, cardiac risk, glucose, blood pressure, height, weight, Body Mass Index (BMI) and waist measurement.
  • Join Targeted Programs
    • Targeted Programs focus on your lifestyles to help you make changes and reach your health goals through a series of videos.  Each program consists of four consecutive weekly online sessions that take 10-15 minutes each to complete.  Assignments are given each session to move on the the next weekly course.  You must attend all weekly sessions and you may only participate in one Targeted Program at a time.  Programs include:
      • Break Free From Tobacco
      • Reaching Your Healthy Weight
      • Tackling Your Stress
      • Focusing on Your Heart
      • Taking Control of Your Diabetes
      • Strengthening Your Bones & Muscles
      • Supporting Your Healthy Pregnancy
      • Building Your Exercise Routine
      • Food For Life
  • Take an online course related to specific risk factors:
    • How Do I Start Making Changes
    • Blood Pressure: Healthy Habits
    • Physical Activity: Getting Going
    • Physical Activity: Keeping At It
    • Healthy Eating: What is a Healthy Diet
    • Healthy Eating: Mindful & Portion Control
    • Weight Loss: Diet & Physical Activity
    • Preventing Diabetes
    • Lipids: Managing Your Risk
    • Stress: Management Techniques
    • Tobacco: Are You Ready to Quit
    • Life Satisfaction: My Plan to Take Control
  • Watch a Monthly Health Webinar
  • Complete a supplemental questionnaire about specific risk factors that may have been uncovered during the MHA process.
  • Join VLife Networktm, a virtual network of health professional, co-workers and supporters
  • Track your 50K Walking Program progress

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